10 Important Things You Need as A Beginner Filmmaker

Most beginner filmmakers find it hard to procure the first basic but important equipment required for video production. Some end up throwing huge cash around equipment they don’t even need! As a beginner filmmaker, it is very important that you know exactly the basic things you will need just for start-up and invest heavily in them.

You maybe asking yourself right now the important things you need as a beginner filmmaker, which will be answered in this article so read on carefully.

10 Important Things You Need as a Beginner Filmmaker

Here are 10 important things you need to buy as a beginner filmmaker:

A Camera

The first stuff you want to buy is a camera, a digital camera to be precise. A digital camera with at least fullHD ( 1920×1080) capabilities and full manual control will just be fine. Luckily, you can get a good DSLR or mirrorless camera with these spec for as low as 120,000 naira in Nigeria today (cheap digital csmeras here) You can experiment with a camera with HD shooting capabilities in terms of resolution, but I recommend a camera with fullHD shooting capabilities.

A computer

A desktop computer or a laptop computer will do. Basically you need a computer to manage your video clips, edit and render them. All these require a lot of computer resources like RAM and CPU. If you are going to be doing basic editing, then a computer with RAM of at least 8gig is my recommendation. If you plan on doing heavy editing, then get a computer with at least 16gig and with decent video memory.

I will recommend a computer with an intel CPU with two cores at least, and with a frequency of at least 2ghz. The intel corei3, corei5 and corei7 are highly recommended.

Memory card

Which ever memory card type your camera supports, get at least two of them. Get a fast memory card with a generous space of at least 16gig.

Neutral density filter

A neutral density allows you to shoot in bright conditions without a compromise in that shallow dept of field. It’s just like putting a sunglass on your lens, which prevents all that bright light from getting into your lens while you shoot wide open. Basically, an ND filter prevents about 3-stops of light from hitting the lens when shooting in very bright condition with a low f-stop number. Still don’t understand? Read this article carefully


A tripod allows you to get that smooth steady shots without much hassles. A tripod gives you that smooth and professional looking video that you can never achieve shooting handheld.

Sound recorder and Mics

To get professional sound, you need to get a sound recorder. Bad sound can make your work awful no matter how cool your visuals tend to look. The zoom H1 sound recorder is very good and very affordable too.

External microphones allows you to get the best audio quality plus you can move them really close to your actors. Shotgun mics are best for narrative style filming as they pick up sound from just whatever stuff you point them at (they are highly directional) plus they are better at picking up and isolating distant sound.


Lighting is a very crucial aspect of both photography and videography. As a beginner filmmaker, you wanna invest in a good lighting kit as your budget permits you.  This will make a total difference as far as lighting in filmmaking is concerned.


Very important for reflecting sunlight and artificial light. This is just an excellent tool for light modification.

Editing software

As a beginner filmmaker, you cannot do without a video editing software. There are a few free editing software like windows movie maker which I started out with. This software is just as basic as it can get your hope too high. There are professional premium video editing software out there like adobe premier pro, final cut pro, sony vegas etc. These video editing software are not in any way cheap at all.

External hard drive

An external hard drive will be used  to store all your videos so be wise an invest in an external drive with a large memory capacity.

If you have a question, a contribution or recommendation, use the comment box below and I will get right back to you.