Accessories Every Beginner Photographer Must Have

Photography is not all about lenses and cameras alone. In the preparation of a dish like jollof rice, a lot of ingredients like maggi, salt, pepper etc are required;the same analogy can be made for photography. As someone who is new to photography, you may be wondering the type of accessories you must have to give your photos an edge. Worry no more dear beginner, because today at FotoTech, we bring to you a list of must have accessories for every beginner photographer out there.

Here is our list of accessories every beginner photographer should have:

Memory Card 

Whenever you take a photo with your DSRL camera, the image taken is processed and saved in a memory card. A memory is the most important accessory you should get after your digital camera because it is a storage device used by your digital camera for storing the images you take. Contact your digital camera maker to know the kind of memory card supported by your camera.


As a photographer in Nigeria, there is a term common amongst the average Nigerian photographer which is: “reflection”. What this actually means is “lens flare”, which is a situation where light is scattered on a glass surface (surface of your lens). This phenomenon results in unwanted light and bright, funny colors appearing in an image. A lens hood is a round plastic material fitted on a lens to prevent lens flare also known as “reflection” by some photographers in Nigeria. A lens hood also protects your lens from bumping directly into objects like walls and doors.

Camera Bags and Straps

A camera is a pretty expensive and fragile piece of equipment that needs to be handled with care. A camera bag is very important accessory every photographer should have, it’s cheap, always available and with a camera bag, you can be easily reckoned with as a photographer. Apart from shielding the camera from external push, shove and pull forces, a camera bag also ensures the ultimate safety of a camera when being moved around. Straps ensures cameras are not accidentally dropped once they are out of their carrying vessels. They are neck straps, shoulder straps, belt straps etc for fastening a camera to the body of a photographer.

Flash Gun

As you step into photography, certain situations will prove to you that your camera’s pop up flash ain’t even sufficient at all for your needs. This is where a flash gun come in handy, because they are relatively inexpensive, produce powerful light beams that travel far, easy to use, and make your photos stand out even as a beginner! E-TTL flash guns are quite expensive, so I will advise you to go for manual flash guns which are relatively cheap.

Prime Lens

A prime lens AKA FFL(fixed focal length) is a lens with a constant Focal length i.e. It does not support zooming. Prime lenses have very large aperture like f2.8, f1.8 and even f1.4 and f1.2, which is needed in order to create that nice, sharp and blurred background images. As a beginner, if you want to shine, get a Prime lens like the standard 50mm f2.8, especially if you want to photograph people. This will surely put you ahead of competitors.


Depending on the type of photography you want to get yourself to into, a tripod will still be very handy if you want to get that beautiful low light shot of your street at night, the stars at night and anything below a shutter speed of 1/30 seconds.

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