Five Cheap Entry Level DSRL Camera Worth Getting In 2021

Digital cameras have evolved over the years as camera manufacturers are constantly employing new technologies and innovations in the production of digital cameras. Today we have super fast DSRL cameras that can shoot as high as 12fps per second, shoot full HD videos, have wi-fi and GPS and a host of other advanced features. All these features were not present on most digital DSRL cameras  released a decade ago.

Today,presents to you ten digital DSRL cameras you can still use in 2021. These cameras are cheap, responsive and they also produce outstanding images! I know you cannot wait anymore for our list, but I will advise you to read this article first to have an in dept understanding of this particular article. Please note that all the DSRL discussed here are models which have long been discontinued and replaced by newer and better models. All models sold in the Nigerian market and everywhere today are not brand but bunch of refurbished products tagged “new”.

So here comes the FotoTech list:

Nikon D40

This is an entry level DSRL camera which was released in 2006. The Nikon D40 uses a CCD sensor of 6 mega pixels and ships with the nikon standard 18-55mm kit lens. The nikon D40 produces wonderful images and does pretty well even at high ISO setting. This camera is an entry level DSRL camera which features PASM mode (program, Aperture, Shutter, Manual) and a full automtic mode which most beginners will really enjoy.

Canon 350D

It’s cheap, it’s light, it produces great images and pretty responsive. Trust me, the Canon 350D is your guy. Released in 2005, this camera is equipped with an APS-C sized CMOS sensor of 8 mega pixels and ISO settings that ranges from 100-1600.

Sony a100

After buying off Konica Minolta in 2006, Sony launched the a100; the first DSRL after buying Konica Minolta. The Sony a100 features an APS-C sized CCD sensor of 10 mega pixels plus an in-body image stabilization technology.

Canon 1000D

Notorious for it’s excellent image quality and light weight, the canon 1000D AKA Canon digital rebel XS, features a 10.1 mega pixels CMOS sensor, live Shooting mode, Digic III Processor and some other awesome features. The Canon Eos 1000D is a close rival of the popular Nikon D60 which is next on our list.

Nikon D60

The Nikon D60 is the most used DSRL camera in Nigeria. It so popular in Nigeria due to it’s cheap nature and ease of use. The Nikon D60 uses an APS-C sized CCD sensor of 10.1 mega pixels. The D40 and D60 are almost identical physically, with little or no difference between the two products. For updates on this content visit