How to Start Photography Business in Nigeria With a Camera Only

First of all, photography is not a cheap profession in any way. You will require a lot of capital in order to start photography business in Nigeria. The things you will need in order to start a photography business in Nigeria include: a good DSLR camera, studio lights, triggers, stands, furniture etc.

Expensive huh? But do not worry because in this article I am going to show you how to start a photography business in Nigeria with nothing but just your camera! This my sound unbelievable but I have got a formula that has never failed. I am going to share this formula with my blog readers free of charge but read this article carefully before you proceed read this.

A story

This will be really hard to believe but it is just the whole truth. I once knew this guy who had a little point-and-shoot and digital camera which he used for taking photos here and there. He had no studio so he was always mobile, offering his services where ever it was needed. Gradually, from the hundred naira he was charging his customers, he saved up some cash and bought a DSLR camera, rented a shop, bought all the necessary studio equipments and lived happily ever after. MORAL LESSON: Whatever it is you want to do, you need to start somewhere, start small, use properly  the little you have at your disposal and just do something.

Things you need in order to start a photography business in Nigeria:

  1. Good saving habit
  2. Patience
  3. A good DSLR camera

First things first, this is business, you can not make anything meaningful out of it if you do not know how to save. You have to discipline yourself and stop spending money on things you do not need. If you are really serious about starting a photography business in Nigeria with a camera only, then you need to have that habit of saving. Tell me how you plan to make it big when all you do is blow every single cash that come your way instantly? The plan requires that you save the little change you will be getting from the business, and then open a photo studio when you have saved enough. The bottom line is: learn how to save!

One other thing you need so much is “patience”. Don’t you dare look at the other photographers buying range rover: just face your little photography business squarely. Remember this is not “yahoo” and you will not “hammer” over night so take things one step and a time.

Finally, you need a good DSLR capable of taking images of high resolution and quality something most point-and-shoot digital cameras will struggle with. In order to look professional and produce images of good quality, stay away from point-and-shoots. A camera is the most important and only  equipment you will ever need using this infallible formula of ours. Follow the links below to learn more abou DSLR cameras.

How to get customers

Starting a photography business in Nigeria with a camera only requires people’s  patronage in order for you to make money. Getting customers can be a daunting experience especially for people who are timid. You can start by photographying your friends, relatives and family, have the photos printed and sold  to them at half the price because these are people that will go out and recommend you. Make sure your photos are clear, well exposed and composed and also sharp. Nobody will want to pay for a nasty looking  photo, moreover people will not patronize you if your images do not look great.

From your friends and relatives, you can move out into your street, book birthdays and other gatherings, offer your services at a much discounted rate, be there on time and do your job properly with a big smile. As usual, make sure your photos are bright, sharp and beautiful. If you have done all these correctly, then relax because you have laid a solid foundation for your photography business.

Another way of getting customers is through word of the mouth. Talk to people, interact more with people, tell them about your profession, show them show them photos you have taken  and convince them to hire you. They will surely recommend you even if they fail to patronise you.

If you learnt photography through internship, then getting customers will be much more easy.


Starting a photography business in Nigeria with just a camera isn’t difficult. It is all up to you. Start small and don’t be discouraged even when people do not patronise you. Just take quality and detailed images, eventually people will start patronising you and then you increase the price of your services. Ask other photographers about “enlargements” and photobook and how they go about it because your customers may ask you to make one.

Also, you wanna learn how to direct and pose your subjects properly especially ladies. Look for a female friend (slay queens), convince her to teach you how to pose or you can follow professional photographers on social media and get to see how they pose their subjects.