Popular Camera Brands Used By Various Photographers In Nigeria

To me, a digital camera is an electronic equipment that has the ability to review a scene, capture the scene and save it into a memory card as either a jpeg, jpg, jpeg+raw or raw file. You may want to disagree with my definition which is ok. You are free to do so, just drop a comment below using the comment box.

The camera is the most vital tool tool in photography, without which they will be no photography. In fact, the most important step in the school of photography is understanding your camera. The camera is like a cab to the taxi driver and a gun to the soldier.

We have different camera brands in the market today with different kinds of digital cameras in their arsenal. Let us look at the various digital camera brands in Nigeria today.


(pronounced: nai-kon)

Nikon is the most popular camera brand in Nigeria today. Almost all photographers in Nigeria shoot Nikon or have shot Nikon before. The nikon D60, D40x and D40 are very popular digital camera models from nikon, which you will surely find in the arms of any average Nigerian photography. This is due to its cheap nature and ease of use.

Nikon produces a vast range of digital cameras which comprises:

  • point and shoot
  • bridge cameras AKA superzoom cameras like the Pxxx series and the Lxxx series.
  • Mirrorless model like the nikon j1 and co.
  • DSRL cameras like the D60, D40x, D3300, D4, D610, D7000, D90 etc


Canon is next to Nikon in terms of popularity amongst photographers in Nigeria. Canon cameras are known to be very tough and durable. Alot of photographers enjoy the unique picture style of canon cameras, I have shot a canon in the past before. Canon have a wide range of camera which includes:

  • Point and shoot like the canon isux range of camera
  • Superzoom or bridge cameras like the canon sx20is, sx30is, sx50hs, sx500 and co.
  • DSRL which canon usually term “EOS” includes: the eos 60D, eos 650D, eos 1200D, SL1 aka eos 100D etc
  • Mirrorless model like the Eos M


Next to canon is Sony on our list. Sony is notorious for its innovative approach in manufacturing digital cameraa. Can you imagine sony took a full frame sensor and fitted it into a point and shoot pocket size camera? Why don’t you check the a7 line of cameras. Sony have a very weak customer service here in Nigeria compared to Canon and Nikon. This makes it difficult to find sony accessories like lenses, batteries etc in the Nigerian market, although they make make excellent cameras with superb image quality. Sony bought Konica Minolta over in 2006 and since then, they have released a wide range of  cameras which include:

  • Point and shoot models
  • Bridge models like the Sony Hx200v, H300, Hx300v and co
  • DSRL( translucent models  which uses a translucent mirror instead of conventional mirror system) like the a58, a33, a57 and co.
  • ILCE models which uses e-mount lenses  like the a3000, a6000, a5100, a7s, a7r and co

Other brands which are not so popular, but can still be found here and there in Nigeria include:





You can prove me wrong if you think I am wrong, just use the comment box below.