Things I Wish I knew When I Started Photography

Photography is a very interesting field on it’s own. As a photographer, there are several rules, just like science we need to adhere strictly to, in order to get get tack sharp images. When I stepped into photography a few years ago, I was just ignorant, I knew nothing about digital cameras, I knew nothing about composition and framing and all the basic concepts of photography. In fact I was just like a blank CD-ROM waiting patiently to be written into. Here are some stuffs I wish I knew back then, which sadly most so-called pro photographers in Nigeria know nothing about:


Take a good look at this image above, almost every digital camera have that image assigned to one particular button or function as an icon. Are you photographer? Don’t lie, tell me exactly what that image means?

You see, you don’t even know it! When I got my first digital camera, I walked up to a very popular photographer in my street to learn some stuffs about photography from him. I asked him what the “flower” icon on my camera stood for because I had no idea what it was back then. Sadly he told me it was a color function, used to tweak different inbuilt color options. I swallowed the lies hook, line and sinker! In case you are out there and you are a photographer;that icon represents the macro mode function which allows a digital camera to focus on objects very close( 2cm away) when activated. So when you want to take a really close up photo of, let’s say a house fly, a bug, your jewelries etc, just turn on the macro mode function, and your digital camera will be able to focus on it accurately.

A high mega pixel doesn’t always equal better image quality 

Make no mistakes, your camera of 20mega pixel can be beaten hands down by a camera of just 10 mega pixel in terms of image quality. Back in those days, I was in love with digital cameras that had mega pixels of 12 and above, to me, anything below that was just crap. Well, I was proven wrong when I bought an Olympus digital point and shoot camera (Olympus VR 350) which had 16 mega pixels. Everything was wrong just wrong with the camera, the images it produced was horrible!

Image quality depends largely on sensor size, glass used in lens and noise reduction algorithm. Have you ever wondered why a 6 mega pixel APS-C sized sensor Nikon D40 will beat every point and shoot digital camera out there which uses a sensor size of 1/23 inch? Think about it.

Sensor Type

Most photographers do not know anything about the kind of sensor used in their digital camera. Yes, I have asked more than ten photographers in Nigeria and I was shocked they don’t know.

Basically, they are two types of sensor used in digital cameras, there are CDD and CMOS sensor. Digital camera manufacturers have abandoned CCD sensors in favor of CMOS sensors. In subsequent articles, will talk more about sensors. Are you a photographer? Do you really know all these stuffs? Oya drop a comment and let us know how much you know.