Very Affordable Speedlights For Your DSLR Cameras

In most cases your camera’s pop flash will not be sufficient to light up a scene. On board flash are notorious for creating shadows and harsh undiffused light on a subject’s face. Most people call it speedlight, some call in flash gun, some call it flash, while others call it hot-shoe mounted flash but for the sake of this article, I will refer to it as a speedlight.

What Is a Speedlight?

A speedlight is basically a device used in photography for producing a flash of artificial light at a color temperature of about 5500k to help light up a scene. A flash (speedlight) is used majorly to illuminate a dark scene. A speedlight is also used for capturing quickly moving objects or for modifying the quality of light. A speedlight is a must have accessory if you want better results and if you want your pictures to really stand out. Pop-up flash are very lousy, not to mention that annoying vignette they create. In this article, I have rounded up five super affordable speelights you can get for less than thirty thousand Naira! Isn’t that amazing? I would not want to waste your time anymore because I can see you are already excited.

Why you should follow my recommendation: well, I have unlimited access to different dealers, they know what I do and I get to check out these products and their prices before I recommend them for my blog readers. I understand things are very hard for the average Nigerian today and that is why I am going all the way to bring you juicy offers,  just like I have been doing always. Although there are dirt cheap, they are not crappy at all, they come with pro features which gives you real value for your hard earned cash. Okay here are some affordable sppedlights:

Oolong SP 690

This speedlight is very affordable and comes with very cool features. This speedlight is CLS (creative lighting system) compactible with a guide number of 50 (at ISO 100). The Oolong SP 690 can be used as a master unit or a slave unit in wireless, multi-speedlight system.


  • Auto Zoom (flash coverage set to automatically match lens focal length)
  • Manual zoom
  • Support front curtain and rear curtain sync
  • Guide number of 50 (at 180mm zoom setting)
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Fine-tuned control including manual adjustment down to 1/256 of full power
  • 2 second recycle time with Ni-MH batteries (5 seconds with alkalines)
  • Tilting, swivelling head that can zoom from 24 – 180mm
  • Stroboscopic function: multiple flashes from 1 to 100 Hertz
  • Autofocus-assist lamp
  • ‘Ready’ and warning beeps
  • Overheating protection circuit
  • On camera i-TTL (Nikon Cameras)

You can get all these amazing features from this speedlight for just N24,000! This is your speedlight, if you have a Nikon or canon DSLR camera. The oolong SP 690 have dedicated units for both canon and Nikon cameras, plus you can still use it with other brands in manual mode.

Yongnou YN560IV

This is a pretty advanced manual speedlight compatible with Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony (works with Sony’s proprietary hotshoe mount). This speedlight is packaged with several pro features that you would not want to miss buying. It is cheap and popular, this is just the right manual speedlight for you.


  •   2.4GHz Speedlite YN560 IV
  • Wireless Transceiver Integrated
  • Supports Wireless Master Function
  • The YN560 IV can be used as master unit
  • Supports Wireless Slave Function, fully supports YN560-TX、RF-603(I/II)、RF-602 Wireless transmitter
  • Multiple Trigger Synchronous Mode Supported
  • The YN560 IV can triggered through the set top of the camera, 2.4G wireless triggering,
  • S1 and S2 pre flash cancel mode.
  • Settings Save Automatically,
  • Supports Custom Settings (Fn)
  • Guide Number 58 @ ISO100,105mm
  • Sound prompting system
  • Fast recycle time

This speedlight is for you if you want to experiment with light and learn more about about artificial lighting. This speedlight is very affordable too. You can get it for N27,000.


This is the younger brother of the yongnuo YN560iv. Like the yongnuo YN560III, this speedlight is all manual. You can fire this speedlight off camera optically or with a remote.


  • Guide Number:[email protected]
  • Adjustable Power (from 1/128th to 1/1 power in 1/3rd stop increments)
  • Zoom Range: 28 ~ 105mm
    Tilting and Rotating Head
  • Heat Detector
  • Fast Recycle Time: Up to 3 seconds on full power
  • Supports High Speed Sync
  • Supports S1 and S2 slave modes

If you are on really tight budget and cannot afford the YN560 IV, then buy this one. It costs just  N24,000. Pretty cool huh? Check out the Yongnuo Yn560II which is even more affordable.

Meike MK 950 II

This is just an awesome flash unit compatible with both nikon and canon cameras with support for TTL mode.


  • Circuit design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
  • Guide Number: 58 (ISO 100, 105mm)
  • Flash Mode: TTL, Multi , M , S1, S2
  • Vertical rotation angle: 0~90 degree
  • Horizontal rotation angle: 0~270 degree
  • Power: 4 X AA size batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable)
  • Lighting times: 100 – 1500 times (with alkaline batteries)
  • Recycle Time: approx 3s ( AA alkaline cell used)
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
    Flash Duration: 1/200S – 1/20000S
  • Flash Control: 8 levels of output control (1/128s – 1s)
  • External Interface: hot shoe, PC port and eternal charing port
  • Wireless triggering distance: 20-30m indoor, 10-15m outdoor
  • Manual zoom, Auto zoom, PC port

If you own a nikon or canon DSLR camera, and you want TTL mode, then this cheap speedlight is for you. You can get this affordable speedlight just N23,000.

DBk Flash DF series

DBk speedlight are relatively cheap and offer real value for money. You can get them for as low as 18 thousand naira.


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