What Is Photography?

Different people have different definitions and ideas about photography. Wikipedia has a very complex definition, but I would like to keep my definition very simple and straight forward. Photography is the art of capturing and processing light to form an image. A lot of you will agree with this basic definition as it contains three important points which are:

  • It is an art.
  • It involves the capturing of light.
  • It involves processing to form a final image.

I am not here to bore you with silly definitions of photography, I am here to take you on a journey of exploration. Together, we are going to explore alot of photography techniques employed by professional and amateur photographers in Nigeria. Later on this blog, I am going to dissect, scatter and reassemble some important photography topics like:

  • Cameras and manufacturers
  • Lenses
  • Types of photography in Nigeria today
  • Basic camera reviews
  • Entry level digital  cameras
  • Digital camera buying guide in Nigeria
  • How to make cool cash from photography
  • Popular Nigerian photographers and their story
  • ……. And a whole lot of discussion you wouldn’t want to miss.

For all you upcoming photographers out there who just don’t know how to go about the affairs, worry not! Because this blog was set up with you in mind too. Our experts are ever ready to guide you and offer tips and tricks which you will find forever useful.

Photography in Nigeria is rarely spoken about and that’s why the FotoTech team have decided to take on the bull by the horn. We are so going to wash photography and Vidoegraphy techniques on this blog that even a two year old kid will start shooting like TY Bello.

That’s not all, we are going to take a dive into different camera manufacturers and popular camera brands used by majority photographers in Nigeria.

Don’t know what camera to buy?

Don’t know which brand to stick with?

Worry no more because FotoTech have heard your cries and we are here to save you!.

Are you are a professional photographer in Nigeria? Great! FotoTech have also landed to spice up your adventures! We have awesome tips and tricks that will make you feel you just started shooting  last night!

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